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Locksmiths who service antique locks and makes keys for these locks are rare in these times. American Lock and Key deeply appreciates America's many examples of fine vintage homes, mansions and places of business and their antique furniture. These fine buildings and furniture are designed in Old World, Arts and Crafts, Traditional Americana and other architectural traditions. Buildings and furniture designed using one of these architectural forms require special hardware which is consistent with the design of the doors and woodwork. Locks made according to contemporary designs would not fit in these scenarios.

We service many customers with furniture locks (china cabinets, writing desks, chests, trunks, steamer trunks, padlocks, etc.) built in the early part of the 20th Century, as well as 19th and 18th Centuries. Such work provides us an opportunity to enter into a different era by fashioning keys in a manner similar to the way they were made in older times.

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Skeleton Lock & Key Repair

American Lock and Key offers special services to accommodate customers who are proud owners of such vintage buildings and furniture. Whenever possible, we repair antique locks which adorn their antique doors. Obsolete parts can be recreated by hand in our workshop. Broken or worn locks can be made to work as new (or nearly as new) after such repairs are made. Antique locks which are inoperable because of lost keys can be made to work by hand-making new keys for them.

In other cases, it may be preferable to replace an antique lock or hardware piece with a genuine replica or something very similar to it in design. American Lock and Key offers a wide array of such parts. Drawing from present day lock manufacturers which still manufacture locks designed according to vintage designs using traditional handcrafting techniques or newly formed companies dedicated to the authentic replication of antique hardware, our skilled locksmiths are able to service customers with these special needs.

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