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You encounter locks everywhere you go. They help to keep your vehicle, home, business, and valuables safe. But, what happens when you lose a key or a lock malfunction? You are going to be presented with two options. The first is that you replace the affected locks. The second is that you contact a trusted locksmith Chicago IL. Get your issue handled by a professional.

People will sometimes balk at having to contact a locksmith service, but this can actually come out as the least costly option in the long run. Think about how difficult it would be for a company to redistribute keys to hundreds of employees because it changed the lock on one door. Consider how unsightly it would be if you started to change a lock at home only to find out that you can't find one that is the same shape and size as the one that was already there. A certified locksmith from American Lock and Key can help you to avoid these occurrences.

Residential Lock & Key Service

We Can Cut Do Not Duplicate Keys

A mobile locksmith unit from American Lock and Key can rekey the locks on your home, conduct a security check on the locks, or help you get into your home if you are locked out of it. When you contact us, you are asking a certified locksmith in Chicago to come to your home. At American Lock and Key we do understand you want to remain safe, so you can count on our Chicago locksmiths to handle the job in a professional manner.

Commercial Lock & Door Services

Commercial businesses have unique needs when they contact a locksmith in Chicago. One issue that is frequent has to do with cubicle, file cabinet, and other small keys on locks made by the Chicago Lock Company. It became known years ago that it was possible to unlock some of these tubular locks using a basic ballpoint pen. Having these locks, which are often integrated into furniture, replaced is a delicate process that a certified locksmith in Chicago can help you handle.

Automotive Car Key & Unlock Service

A locksmith in Chicago can help you when you are locked out of your vehicle. Instead of having to break and replace a window to gain access, the professional locksmith can come out with a mobile unit to get you into your vehicle without destroying it. This service is available 24 hours a day in the Chicago area.

Antique Locksmith Services

Antique locks, window locks, and gun safe locks are some of the specialty locks that you can contact a locksmith in Chicago to repair, service, or replace. Antique locks require delicate work from an experienced professional. Window locks need to be properly fitted to ensure they will keep your home or business secure. Safe locks might need to be rekeyed or reset if someone has a key or combination who has since left the company or doesn't have any authorization to access the contents.

Choosing a locksmith in Chicago can seem daunting. American Lock and Key does have a physical location and mobile service to help provide you with the service you need when you need it. We are certified by the Associated Locksmiths of America, a member of the Greater Chicago Locksmith Association, and verified by 1800-Unlocks.